Bonnie had an early love of books and writing was a natural extension of that. She wrote short stories that were quickly rejected and profiles for small magazines that were accepted. She became a ghostwriter, writing business books for others but always came back to fiction.

The Kasey McCormick Series is a tad bit biographical and like her character, Bonnie has done stand up comedy and still dabbles from time to time. She discovered writing about crappy gigs was much better than actually doing them.

Originally from the Boston area, Bonnie learned early on that she hated cold weather and left in search of a warm place to live. After living in San Francisco and Hawaii, and spending time in the Caribbean, she finally settled in Florida.

Bonnie lives on the Gulf Coast with a sadly neglected, but very forgiving basil plant. While she appears to be a fully functioning adult, her dinner of choice is often a bowl of Cheerios followed by too many Twizzlers.

You can contact her at: