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A valuable script is missing… and with it a lot of hopes and dreams.

People’s #1 fear is public speaking… so how crazy do you have to be to try stand-up comedy?

Meet Kasey McCormick, a recently unemployed copywriter and fledgling stand-up comic. Kasey signs up for a stand-up comedy class at the renowned Center of Comedy, only to discover comedy ain’t pretty—and it’s sometimes dangerous.
When a valuable script is stolen from the club, Kasey and her classmates fall under suspicion. The club owner threatens to cancel their graduation show and worse—ban them from the club forever.

But Kasey and her new friends are determined not to let their comedy dreams disappear with the script. Even though they have less experience at solving crimes than doing stand-up comedy (is that even possible?) they set out to find and return the script—and save the show!

Fez Up is a fun and funny romp through the real and not-so-glamorous stand-up comedy world. Join Kasey and her comedy classmates in this fast read filled with plenty of laughs, twists, and turns.

A stage with red curtains  drawn open showing a microphone in a stand and a bar stool with a red fez on it.



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The Girl in the Pork Pie Hat  

Up-and-coming comic Kasey McCormick would be happy just to qualify as a finalist in the Florida’s Funniest New Comedians Competition. But when the top contender—her comedy classmate Luke—is attacked and left in a coma, the title is up for grabs.

Old rumors flare up and the cops start looking at Kasey as Suspect #1. Winning the competition takes second place to finding the real attacker… and staying alive, of course.

The Girl in the Pork Pie Hat brings you into the competitive world of stand-up comedy, where it’s all fun and games onstage and no laughing matter behind the scenes.

“Fast-paced fun.”
“Wise-cracking dialogue.”
“One of the funnest whodunits I’ve read in a long time.”


Dark blue background, pool and tiki bar with a reddish bar stool holding a pork pie hat centered.       



Coming Soon: Top Hats and Treachery


Large swimming pool, crime scene tape across cover, Inflatable pool float dolphin wearing a top hat because why not?     




Ten Gallon Gurus  (Early 2024?)