Do you ever get tired of those motivational quotes? Maybe a little TOO much positivity when the real world is coming for you? Yeah, I get it.

Here are five downloadable  not-so-motivational pieces of wall art for you. A little snark, a little bit of solid advice. On those days when you really need more coffee, I hope these will help you make it through.

How to download: Just right click on the image and choose the “Save As” option. You can rename it and save it in a convenient place on your computer.

These are set up for 8-1/2 x 11 paper. I like to print these out on presentation paper which is slightly heavier than the normal 20# bond most people use or on card stock. You might decide to use them as a screensaver or even share them as memes.


Seize the Day


























Messy Bun


Filters are overrated.