WOW! That didn’t take long.

Kasey McCormick Mysteries

I’m so glad you enjoyed Fez Up.

Kasey’s next adventure, The Girl in the Pork Pie Hat starts on September 22nd. You’ll be happy to know that she has been working to move up in the comedy world and she’s ready to break into steady gigs. So ready, in fact, that she is one of the competitors in Florida’s Funniest Comedians. The good news and the bad news? Ken, Cindy, Luke, and Matt are there, too! It’s almost like they all started at the same time. Hey. Wait…   🙂

Luke has changed… drastically… and not for the better. (What’s up with that?) When the competition suddenly turns deadly, Kasey, Cindy, and Ken join forces to find out exactly who will go to any length to win.

I’ll make sure you’re on our VIP list so you’ll be among the first to know when it’s available.

Just a heads up–if you click on over to my blog, I have a sneak peek at the first chapter of Kasey’s third adventure. The working title is California Dreamin’ but that will change. I just need to put on my thinking hat…

See you soon,